Fully Customizable

Secure HIPAA Compliant

Integrates with existing systems

Your central and secure hub for communication, connection, and engagement with your caregivers and clients.

The ultimate Onboarding Tool for New Caregivers

Create a step-by-step journey for your new caregivers so they have everything they need and feel connected on day one and beyond

  • Quickly and conveniently fill in prehire forms
  • Schedule orientation right from the app
  • Provide comprehensive orientation information
  • Interactive employee handbooks
  • Incentivise by unlocking gift certificates in the app
  • Create a connection with meet the team videos

Caregiver Connect – Make Your App Your Virtual Watercooler

Eliminate the “Silo” effect of working remotely by creating a community to engage your caregivers and provide a connected and supportive culture.

  • Social Feed
  • Monthly Newsletter
  • Caregiver of the month
  • Caregiver Mentoring to coach and collaborate
  • Inspirational Quotes
  • Games, Challenges, and leaderboards

Hot Buttons for Ultimate Convenience

Make your mobile app a one-stop shop with customizable to connect so everything your care team needs is accessible at the touch of a button.

  • Instantly connect to scheduling for shift issues
  • Check weekly pay
  • Request more hours
  • Ask a question
  • Get next-day pay
  • Request time off

Prepare Caregivers for First Visit with Client Briefings

Eliminate the anxiety of first-time visits by creating a customized brief so your care team feels prepared before they even enter the home

  • Access detailed information before entering the home
  • View information left by previous caregivers
  • Post videos to show where things are in the home
  • Make notes about pets, or special situations

Provide Education and Training in One Place

Make it easy for your Care team to quickly find how-to videos and keep up with ongoing training, all in one convenient place.

  • Webinars and post-webinar documentation
  • Connect to existing portals like Carepulse and Care Academy
  • Post your internal company training via video and manuals
  • Share tips from your caregivers to increase your knowledge base

Give Instant Access to Care Team Resources

Create “go to” resources for your care team by making essential information instantly accessible

  • Maps of all approved urgent care centers in their area
  • Employee perks and discounts
  • Employee handbook
  • Instantly add any resources you need

Create Circles of Care

Families, caregivers connect, communicate and collaborate in one secure place you own

  • Share Wellness updates in real-time
  • Central and secure and monitored hub
  • Share updates through chat, pictures, and video
  • Reduce “check-in” calls and help families feel more connected 24/7
  • Allow for feedback from family members
  • Keep office staff in the conversations between caregivers and families.

Streamline all your communications on a secure channel you own; your mobile app

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