Webinar Replay | Engage & Excel: Harnessing the Power of Community to Grow Your Agency

Engage and Excel Harnessing the Power of Community to Grow Your Agency

What if every Facebook group discussion, every chat at the hairdresser’s, and every local event became a golden opportunity to amplify your agency’s reach and impact?

Picture a world where everyday interactions in your community effortlessly transform into a powerful marketing moment for your home care agency. That’s the magic of community engagement – the art of turning every neighbor, every acquaintance, into a passionate advocate for the indispensable services you offer.

Want to learn how?

Join Becky Reel of Reel Home Care Consulting & Coaching and Amanda Sternklar, Senior Director of Marketing at enCappture for a deep dive into:

  • The ins and outs of marketing within your community
  • Unconventional and highly effective referral sources
  • Tips for partnering with local businesses for mutual growth
  • How to enlist your caregivers as community ambassadors
  • Dos & don’ts for reputation management on review sites & social media

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There is a 81% reduction rate of care giver absence among teams that are highly engaged with their agencies, co-workers and clients. – Home Care Pulse 2023