enCappture Launches Customizable Home Care Mobile App to Create a Superior Experience for Caregivers and Clients

enCappture Home Care, the mobile app platform for home care agencies, is proud to announce its innovative mobile app platform that is revolutionizing the home care industry. It is designed to provide a comprehensive solution for agencies to communicate, engage, and support their caregivers in a whole new way.  

“Our team has done the research. We’ve talked to dozens of home care providers to deeply understand the most important functionality they need to attract and retain caregivers,” says Denise DiSano, CEO, enCappture. “Caregivers are the backbone of home care agencies, and their success is crucial to providing the best possible care to clients.“

enCappture Home Care provides a daily communication tool for caregivers, allowing them to stay connected with their agency and clients in real-time. Caregivers can use the platform to access important client information, communicate with family members and supervisors, and receive support from the agency whenever they need it.

Each agency’s unique, branded mobile app provides a suite of customizable engagement features to streamline communication and enhance client care. Agencies can create the ultimate onboarding experience allowing caregivers to book orientation sessions, get directions, access onboarding materials like forms, handbooks, and presentation slides and even view welcome videos from every team member. 

The platform also puts all the necessary tools in the palm of caregivers’ hands, providing access to training resources, care plans, and other essential tools. This not only helps caregivers provide better care, but also makes them feel supported in their role.

“We launched our mobile app in early December, and we are seeing a 67% decrease in turnover,” said Jeff Welsh – Right at Home agency owner. “We believe that the enCappture Home Care platform is not just improving efficiency and streamlining operations, it’s creating a corporate culture of care that makes caregivers feel valued. When caregivers feel that they are part of something bigger than themselves, they are more likely to stay with their agency long-term and provide better care to its clients.” 

enCappture’s configurable home care mobile app is a central hub that can integrate with existing tech stacks to pull all caregiver resources into one place that maximizes  communication, connection, and engagement with caregivers and clients. For more information, please visit their website.

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Julia Benben

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